Lake San Marcos participates in San Marcos Harvest Festival, Oct. 7, 2012

The Lake San Marcos Democratic Club once again had a booth at the bi-annual San Marcos Street Fair-known in the Fall as the Harvest Festival. This event is put on by the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce.  This was a particularly important time due to the election coming up.

Paula Rucinski and Janice Mohseni did a fabulous job of organizing this important day.

From before 8 am to after 4 pm, members from the club spoke to attendees about the importance of registering to vote, re-electing President Obama, and voting for all the Democrats down the ballot.  In addition, voting recommendations on all the 11 ballot initiatives in the State of California were handed out.  28 new voters registered to vote and over $100 was collected in donations for bumper stickers, yard signs, and buttons for the election. Members had a good chance to network with each other, with members of the community, and to get their pictures taken with “President Obama”.

We look forward to the next Spring Street Fair in April of 2013.