Join in to Protest the Keystone Pipeline

In his inaugural address President Obama promised to make tackling climate change a priority for his second term.  To solve this pressing problem, the country will need to hasten its transition to renewable forms of energy to reduce the carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels.  One of the first actions the President can take is to reject the permit requested to build the Keystone Pipeline.  This pipeline, if built, will carry the dirtiest fuel on earth, bitumen tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, to Texas.  There are multiple reasons this pipeline should not be built but the primary concern is that the US should not enable the burning of this fuel anywhere in the world.  If this pipeline is not built it is likely the tar sands will stay in the ground. You can read more if interested here.

If you think this is compelling then please join in making your voice heard on February 17.  A large rally will be held in Washington, DC on the 17th with multiple supporting rallies around the country, including here in San Diego.  Here are the details:


IT’S TIME TO PUT BOOTS ON THE GROUND!, Citizens Climate Lobby, Sierra Club San Diego and many other organizations are organizing a rally against climate change and the Keystone XL Pipeline designed to carry dirty tar sands oil from Canada to the U.S. Dr. James Hansen says it’s “GAME OVER” for the climate if Keystone is approved.

Join us in supporting the national protest called by the Sierra Club and against the Keystone XL in Washington, D.C. on Feb 17. Protests are also happening in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities across the country.

Let’s see if we can make this the biggest environmental rally ever in San Diego and demand local as well as national action on climate change. We urge you, your group members, family, and friends to be there and let your voice be heard.

WHEN: Sunday, February 17, 2013 1-3 pm

WHERE: Mission Bay Park by the Visitor’s Center, East Mission Bay Drive @ Clairemont Drive (west of the I-5), San Diego, CA 92109.


1) If you belong to any organization invite them to support the rally. Just let (email know you wish to support it and send them your logo for their website.
2) Invite your organization’s membership, your friends and family and urge them to attend. If you can attend as a group with your organization’s banner that would be fantastic.
3) Put a link to our event on your personal or organization’s website.
4) Post the event on your organizational calendar, in your newsletter, on facebook & twitter, etc.

WHAT TO WEAR: Please wear all black

RSVP TODAY: Facebook or the event Website (with links and orgs listed)

To get involved (help is needed with promotion, props, day of tasks and more), email

Let’s WAKE UP San Diego to the strength and commitment of our environmental community! We look forward to seeing you February 17th.