May Monthly Meeting Focused on Immigration

After the national elections of 2012, Immigration Reform has taken center stage in the political arena. The ‘Dream Act’ is a key component of this debate. Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibáñez, faculty member in Sociology at Cal State Univ, San Marcos, has done extensive research on undocumented students and their stories, particularly around getting to and through college. Her general research interests are in education, immigration, inequality, gender, race, and relationships. Professor Clark-Ibáñez is a recipient of the Faculty Advocate Award from the Educational Opportunity Program and Student Support Services. She and two of her students spoke to us about the condition of undocumented students. Flor Baraza and Eli Vasquez spoke about their involvement with S.T.A.N.D. (Standing Together As oNe Dream) which is a student organization at CSUSM that supports all immigrant youth, including AB540 students,  by assisting them in the pursuit of their education goals. Assembly Bill 540 was passed in 1990. It allows CA students to apply for state aid and scholarships without a social security number or birth certificate if they can show they have attended high school in CA.  See Dr. Clark-Ibáñez power point presentation.