Scott Peters addresses LSM Dem Club June 8

Congressman Scott Peters addressed the LSM Dem Club beginning by outlining the major industries in San Diego–tourism, the military, bio-culture, the health industry, and clean technology. “San Diego is referred to as the Silicon Valley of military technology”, he said. We have a very large veteran population with the 1/3 largest homeless veteran population in the US. He is proposing a $2400 tax credit to employers who hire Veterans and he wants veterans to receive certificates of training, not by taking more classes (as non veterans do), but by having their extensive experience qualify them for certification.

Peters is the Chair of the Climate Task Force.  He wants Congress to prepare for weather extremes by planning ahead, much as government does for any expected upcoming event. It is vital that we attack short term powerful pollutants such as methane, chlorofluorocarbons, and black soot as well as CO2.

The military’s experiments with solar panels to cool tents and putting solar panels on marine back packs can be a vital new pathway to expanding civilian solar uses.

He suggested passing a measure where by Congress would not get paid if they do not get their budget out on time–similar to the CA statute.  He doubts if that would get enough votes to pass, but would be well worth the effort to discuss.

To a question about the number of congressmen/women who do not want to compromise on bills up for a vote, he indicated that 20% of the House is new and that they want to “get things done”.  The majority voted in in 2010 DO NOT WANT TO COMPROMISE.  In fact, he has met several Republicans who pride themselves in not ever talking to a Democrat.  Scott prides himself in working across the aisle.  He even has a working relationship with Darrell Issa.  Some of the Tea Party folks believe they will get kicked out of office, if they compromise.  Scott says, “don’t make the perfect be the enemy of the good”.  Let’s move things along, even if it is not perfect.

Many members were impressed with Scott’s presentation.