Club Endorses Kimber for Congress

At its June 8th meeting, The Lake San Marcos Democratic Club unanimously endorsed James Kimber for our 50th Congressional District.

Board members met with Kimber and were impressed with his knowledge of the issues and his passion, particularly for Veterans Rights and Education. Kimber was a career naval officer and has excellent credentials to speak authoritatively on military issues.  When he retired from the Navy after serving as a naval ship physician, he studied at Stanford University and earned a Physician’s Assistant Degree in medicine.  He now practices medicine in Escondido.

Soft spoken, with an iron will, the Club Board believes he has a good chance to unseat Hunter.  He continues to educate himself on the thorny issues facing our country, and has reached out to political groups and Democratic leaders in San Diego County.   To start early to fight the Duncan Hunter machine takes money.  To raise money, he needs early endorsements.  The San Marcos Democratic Club Board voted unanimously to give him an early endorsement and the club concurred.

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