President Obama Visits the San Marcos Street Fair!

“Selfie” with President Obama!

15 club members had a great deal of fun engaging with many members of the community at the annual Spring Festival in San Marcos on Via Vera Cruz all day Sunday, April 6th. Families,
couples and individuals rushed to get their photos taken with our cut out of President Obama.  It was a sight to see and made us all smile.  We registered voters, got folks to sign up for our electronic newsletter and told attendees about our May 10 meeting where candidates in the June 3rd election will speak.  We did have a few peculiar comments and negative looks. The first person to walk by in the early morning and see our cut out of President Obama said, “Wow, you are brave!”.  The most important aspect of our booth in a preponderantly Republican North County was to remind folks that our San Marcos Democratic Club is alive and well and they are not alone in their support for the Democratic Party and President Obama.  Many expressed their appreciation for us being there at the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce sponsored event.  We have been a participant for years and will continue with this tradition.

Families ran all day to our Obama cut out to pose for photos.

Tabling for the club and registering voters at the Spring Festival in San Marcos, April 2014.