Club Meeting New Time/Location PLUS ADEM Elections

The first meeting of the year will take place at both a new time and new location. Our new meeting time will be social time from 12:30 to 1 pm, with the meeting itself running from 1 pm to 2 pm. As has been our past tradition, the Chair of the San Diego County Democratic Party will be our featured speaker. This year it will be Francine Busby.

As is the norm each new year, we will also be holding elections for Club Officers at the January meeting. Mary Borevitz will retire from her position as Club President so that position will need new candidates to replace her. Additionally we will vote on VP, Secretary and Treasurer as well so be sure to attend.

The meeting will be held in the Gallery Room, (just left of the Pavilion next to the swimming pool) at 1105 La Bonita Dr., San Marcos, CA 92078-5221. Please check our website at for directions or call (760) 744-9233 or email


Elections for state delegates also takes place this Saturday and it’s important that as many club members get out to vote as possible. The ADEM Election will be held this Saturday, January 10th from 10 am to noon at the Park Avenue Community Center (formerly the Joslyn Senior Center) at 210 Park Ave., Escondido. Please vote for or endorsed slate of Gary Bland, Xavier Martinez, Michael Summers, Dan Buse, Carl Crider, Betty Ball, Mary Borevitz, Pam Bland, Peg Mitchell, Pia Harris-Ebert, Rena Marocco and Diane Summers.

Additionally we all need to be sure to vote for Betty Ball for the E-Board, a role she has also held over the last several years and we would like her to continue to do so!

Since this is the same day as our monthly meeting, our club is arranging car pools to take members to the Center to vote and return on time to attend the monthly meeting. Please contact Betty Ball at 760-752-1035 or email her at if you are interested in a ride.