After the tragic election loss on November 8th, the Board felt that we needed to share our feelings and send heartfelt thanks to Hillary Clinton for her valiant efforts. The letter below was sent to here on November 16.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Post Office Box 5256

New York, NY  10185-5256

As members of the Lake San Marcos Democratic Club, San Marcos, CA we would like to express how stunned and saddened we are with the outcome of this election.

Many of us have watched your political career since you were first lady of Arkansas and have been impressed with your dedication and commitment to women, children, education and other Democratic values.  We looked forward to your leadership at the highest level.

Even though California remains Blue we worked for your election by displaying yard signs, walking precincts, sending mailers, making phone calls to other states, and raising money. Hit by the results, our Board met to share our grief and fear for our country’s future.  Our depression has turned to determination, and we know that we must start working even harder to find solutions to our divided nation.

You remain our HERO!  Your concession speech was the classiest, most inspiring ever spoken and reminded us in our dark hour to remain hopeful, vigilant and dedicated to making our country a reflection of what is good about America.

We honor you and love you.

Lake San Marcos Democratic Club