Assembly District 75 Election Meeting (ADEM) Results

The ADEM election this past Saturday, January 7, was very successful for our club members and others on our slate. We did great! Seven women and seven men will represent AD 75 at the state convention. Lake San Marcos Democratic Club had 4 women and 4 men (possibly 5 men) who won. The winners are:


1)    Consuelo Martinez (Escondido)
2)    Pia Harris
3)    Betty Ball
4)    Mary Borevitz
5)    Diane Summers
6)    Pamela Bland
7)    Emily Banghart (Fallbrook)
Female Runner Ups –

Susan Phillips
Vanessa Hahn


1)    Antonio Robles (Fallbrook)
2)    Gary Bland
3)    Rick Bova (Escondido)
4)    Jeff Griffith
5)    Carl Crider
6)    Thomas Iarossi
7)    Three way tie:
       Dr. Patrick Ebert               
       Alan Geraci
       Jonathan Trang
CADEM will announce the official results in a few weeks but there will probably be no changes.  Regarding 7th place for the men, CADEM in Sacramento will do a coin toss to see who wins.  I hope they have a coin with three sides.


Betty Ball

Congratulations Betty, for getting re-elected.

All of is that won are very thankful to all our club members who turned out to vote and supported our club members as well as a few others from the Fallbrook and Escondido Democratic Clubs. We owe you a huge “THANK YOU”. We cannot thank you enough for driving to Escondido and casting your ballot for us. Your effort is greatly appreciated. We love you all.

Gary Bland