North County Turned Out for the Women’s March!

This past Saturday, North County proudly joined over 600 other marches around the country in support of the Million Women’s March in Washington, DC. The North County Women’s March had an expected turnout of about 2,000 marchers, but the confirmed attendance was upwards of 10,000! Many members of our club joined the diverse crowd.

As club member Kathy Steele described, “Despite intermittent bouts of rain showers, spirits at the Women’s March were high. There was an air of camaraderie and unity. People representing many different issues, such as reproductive rights, voting rights, climate change and LGBTQ rights were there. We saw many rainbow flags flying in the afternoon breeze. It was gratifying to see families marching together, especially those with young sons and daughters. I spoke with a Muslim woman with a 15 year old son and she felt it important that he participate in the march and learn the lesson of peaceful resistance.” 

 Another marcher reported, “As the crowd spilled onto Mission Avenue, police tried their best to move us to the sidewalk, but there were so many making so much happy noise, that very few heard them. The Sheriff’s Department was helpful and considerate and there was not one hint of friction. As we marched, we got plenty of support in the way of honking horns and people waving signs from cars. Both the Sprinter and a Teamsters semi truck gave us lots of love by repeatedly honking their horns. Overall, a very successful day.”

Many of us remember the days of the Vietnam War protests. As Mary Borevitz commented, “I have never experienced a march (and I have been on many starting with Anti-Vietnam marches) in which at least a few folks driving by didn’t give us ‘the finger’. This didn’t happen ONCE! Folks either looked straight ahead or honked and waved and showed us their own supportive signs out their windows. It was an amazing day of solidarity, camaraderie, and high spirits!”   

 And finally Jennie Brawner described the scene. “The march was an exhilarating experience! The signs were pro health care, pro equality, pro climate care, pro Gender justice, pro Civil rights for all, pro Immigrant, pro Planned Parenthood, pro disabilities rights, pro LGBT. There were thousands of pink knit caps with “kitty-cat” ears!  It was uplifting to see all these thousands of faces greeting each other and embracing each other, everyone ready to promote our country’s direction for a stronger America, but ready to fight any political move in the other direction.” 

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Our club had a booth that was frequented, where we had voter registration forms and club information. Several new people joined our club and several registered to vote Democratic. And of course, we offered water, cookies, and croissants to the participants. 

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There were also booths from the Vista Dem Club, Valley Center Dem Club, DEMCO, Sierra Club, Our Revolution (Berniecrats), Clean Money California, and many others. The marchers came pouring onto the Palomar Campus led by a group of young ladies performing a Brazilian Dance. Speakers inspired and motivated the thousands of gatherers. Overall, everyone who participated agreed it was a wonderful event.

Thank you to everyone who participated, but know that this will not likely be the last time such mobilization will be needed as we move through the next four years!