Doug Applegate Comes out to Meet the Club

Doug Applegate, retired Marine Colonel and candidate for Congressional District 49 opposing Darrell Issa, stopped by the June monthly meeting to give us a “re-introduction” to his candidacy. He opened right up front with acknowledging “unless we get the veteran vote out we can’t win. Vets are the largest demographic in the 49th district after the male/female gender split.” Doug went on to explain how well he knows the military community. As a lawyer for 40 years including time as a Judge Advocate while in the military and after, a civilian trial lawyer, he has tried many court martials and other cases involving military members.

Doug grew up in a blue collar labor family and community in Dayton, Ohio. He indicated that his background makes him well able to communicate with and garner union endorsements. He gave a brief summary of what he sees as key issues. “The first thing we need is single payer health care,” he said. He went on to explain, “we don’t really have a health care system. We are delivering lower life expectancies at a high cost.” This is largely due to the fact that insurance companies make large profits, we don’t negotiate drug prices and we don’t effectively address Medicare fraud.

Regarding the economy he explained, “AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics will wipe out half the jobs in 20 years but we’re still educating our kids to the old economy”. He indicated he would like to see advanced education much earlier.

He was asked “Where do you see hope?” in the current situation. He explained that our checks and balances are working but we need to take back the House in 2018 and it starts with California. He sees hope in the intelligence agencies too. “They won’t let existential harm come to the country” he insisted. And the press has been playing and will continue to play a vital role in ensuring transparency and accountability too.