Ammar Campa-Najjar Describes “Flipping the 50th”

“For the first time in 40 years we have a team that can depose the Hunter dynasty!” So said Ammar Campa-Najjar as he spoke at the monthly meeting of the Lake San Marcos Democratic Club. 

Ammar Campa Najjar addresses club at the April, 2018 meeting

Ammar was invited to address the club as to how he, and all of us, can help “Flip Congress and the Republican Rule.” Things look bright for Democrats in November. We are only 24 seats away to take back the House. “We hold in our moral hands the chance to change history,” Ammar excitedly explained. He continued by describing the support he is receiving from all over the county, including big endorsements from unions. But he cautioned that Democrats can not take things for granted.

Seriously, Ammar explained the importance of the June primary, cautioning that we can’t just wait until the November election. (See our recent article on how the primary works and why its important.) The June primary is key as it will select the top two vote getters regardless of party to run against each other in the November election. Ammar is determined to be one of those top two. “I want to spare you that feeling you had on November 8th when Trump was elected” he said. And we are less than 24 days away from when the first mail ballot will be sent out. Given that 50% of voters will vote before the actual June 5th primary, there isn’t much time to spare.

Ammar played out what he called his “nightmare scenario” – two Republicans, Duncan Hunter and Bill Wells, making the top two and freezing out all Democrats. Not only would this eliminate chances for Democratic representation for CD 50, it would also hurt turnout for the November election and impact down ballot races. Participation favors Democrats so it’s extremely important that we all work hard to get out the vote on June 5th.

Moreover, there are approximately 100,000 eligible but unregistered voters in our District. Help is needed to get them registered and to the polls as well. 

You can help out in many ways, whether it’s phone banking, door knocking, envelope stuffing, talking to your neighbors, holding fund raisers/coffee gatherings, or simply donating. If you can help for even just a few hours between now and June 5th, please contact the campaign at 

To see more details and demographics of our district see Ammar’s presentation below.

Ammar – 4-14-2018