Medicare for All

2019 11 09_0126The November meeting was another opportunity to learn about an issue important to the country, the need to provide effective health care to everyone. Medicare for All is perhaps the most cost effective method for doing that, with a single payer system making coverage both more accessible and less expensive. Most of the developed world has some kind of single payer system, and their health outcomes are far superior to ours with half the per capita cost. Board member Heather Roberts gave an excellent and informative presentation on Medicare for All, demonstrating why we need to move toward a system like this.

We also considered several other issues. Our newly revised bylaws were adopted unanimously by the members, and the members also gave a unanimous thumbs down to the proposed Sierra Newland housing development after hearing from Cliff Williams of Latham and Watkins, LLP. That development stands to add over 2,000 homes, none of them considered affordable, to a very environmentally sensitive area that will also stretch local resources well beyond the breaking point.

Cipriano Vargas spoke about “Schools and Communities First”, a proposition to be put on the ballot to change funding structure of Proposition 13 to give more money to schools.

Finally, two local candidates received the club’s endorsement. Alan Geraci, candidate for San Marcos City Council District 3, was endorsed by 57 votes for, no votes against, and 3 for no endorsement. Superior Court Justice Seat 36 candidate Michelle Ialeggio received 60 votes for endoresemtn, with none opposed and none supporting no endorsement.