February Meeting Notes

2020 02 08_0254Our members are active, informed, and involved, and this month was no different.

Carl Crider told us about the play, An American Story—Raghead.  It will be performed on April 4 at 7:30 at Sunshine Brooks Theatre, www.sundeepmorrison.com. The play addresses hate, hope and American identity and is highly recommended!

Kate Schwartz, endorsed candidate for Assembly District 75, spoke. Alana Wong Robinson, candidate for superior Court Office 22, also addressed the members. She is rated exceptionally well qualified by SD County Bar Association.

President Heather Roberts told us that 15 new members had joined the club in January, bringing our total to 284.  106 people attended this meeting.

Ammar Camoa-Najjar’s Democratic opponent has dropped out of the raace and thrown her support to him.  Alan Geraci spoke about his experience as a national delegate to the national Democratic Convention to encourage folks to think about becoming a delegate for the July national convention

Dr. Arcela Nunez-Alvarez spoke about how important it is for everyone to complete the census which will be sent out early April. Without an honest and accurate count, California might lose 2 congressional representatives.

Ryan Trabuco and Kyle Gloria spoke on the upcoming election and the state of Democrats in San Diego County.  The number of registered Democrats is substantially rising!!