The Reality of Voter Suppression

Vote suppression is very real and very serious; several Republican-controlled states have taken aggressive actions to make the voting difficult, particularly for traditionally vakiliDemocratic voting blocs. At the national level the president frequently seeks to undermine the integrity of the voting process. Ostensibly undertaken to protect elections from fraud, these actions are nothing more than political grandstanding regarding a nonexistent problem, but with the net effect of keeping people

Our July speaker, Bardis Vakili of the ACLU, updated us on this pernicious problem and described the actions the ACLU is taking to ensure an equitable voting process. We must remain vigilant in our defense of this precious right.

The club also voted to endorse Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson, PhD, in her race for Division 5 of the Vallecitos Water District Board. Tiffany was the overwhelming favorite, garnering 94% of the votes cast. The San Marcos Democratic Club looks forward to her goal of bringing responsible, responsive governance to this important utility.

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