Kai Guzman and Christie Hill provided so much great information at the October 9 Club Zoom meeting. We are so grateful for their time and their knowledge. We are sharing more information about the PrOTECT Campaign.

You can learn more about PrOTECT and find helpful resources at the campaign’s website: Campaign


PrOTECT seeks to address invasive policing practices used disproportionately to stop, search and interrogate people from Black, Latino, and Asian/Pacific Islander communities, the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, and people from other marginalized communities. PrOTECT will require San Diego police to have probable cause in order to stop, ask for identification, question, and/or search an individual. The ordinance will also limit stops for equipment violations. Campaign


How You Can Help:

  1. Sign PrOTECT petition at
  2. Sign PrOTECT  Support Letters
    • Lawyers Support Letters:
    • Public Health Support Letters:
    • Academia Support Letters:
  3. Follow CPAT on Social Media and RePost
  4. Share your story!
  5. Host a House Part