From Marc Elias at Democracy Docket

The Senate being the Senate and Republicans being Republicans, it was always going to come down to this: Democrats alone need to save democracy.

Democrats in the House drafted and passed the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Every single Republican in the House opposed both laws. This fall, the Senate reformulated the For the People legislation into a compromise bill called the Freedom to Vote Act. Every single Republican in the Senate opposes this law.

Now, the only obstacle in the way of enactment of these laws is the Senate’s arcane filibuster rule.

If these two voting rights bills fail, our democracy will suffer and may never recover. In my latest piece, “The Time Is Now for Democrats To Save Democracy,” I explain how the voter suppression and election subversion we’ve seen over the course of 2021 has brought us to this point. A point where there is no time left to waste.