Have you heard of the “Civil Rights Queen?”

Constance Baker Motley is someone we should all admire and laud!

As President Joe Biden reaffirms his campaign commitment to nominate the first Black woman to the US Supreme Court, looking at the life and work of another Black woman who profoundly shaped the law is vital – Constance Baker Motley.

Motley, as an NCAAP Legal Defense and Education Fund, inc. lawyer wrote the original complaint in Brown v. Board of Education. Yet few outside know of her work in dismantling racial segregation and gender discrimination!

As a woman, Motley’s historical significance has been overshadowed by the long held idea that the works of men are more worthy of study and remembrance. We MUST make room for this remarkable woman to be seen and admired.

And there is a book out to help do just that: Civil Rights Queen, Constance Baker Motley and the Struggle for Equality, by Tamika Brown-Nagin.

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