One more reason the border wall should come down!

Mexican Gray Wolf natural migration is threatened by the border wall. We MUST do more to address this problem.

Mexican Gray Wolves are an endangered animals. They have begun to thrive again through conservation and animal rights efforts. The California Wolf Center in Julian is a great example of how humans can keep wolves wild and protected and returned to the wild. If you’ve never been to the center – GO!!! It’s quite an education.

Wolves, Pumas, Ocelots, Pronghorns, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, and many other roaming animals have passed between northern Mexico and southwest United States for centuries! IT IS THEIR TERRITORY. As wolves group up, they leave their pack to find their own territory and mates. They are guided by instinct through their territory. BUT now they meet a perplexing impasse – The US-Mexico 30-foot-high border wall. The 4-inch gaps between the steel beams do not allow for a wolf or puma or deer to cross on their ancient migration paths. They can travel for days and miles and never find a way through.

Conservationists and scientists, even the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife warned that the border wall would put recovery of endangered species at risk because they could not cross to find territory and mates. But still the government plans to continue work and close “the small gaps” in the wall.

We MUST urge more action address the plight of these roaming animals whose lives have been fractured and migrations blocked.

Click here to read about 1 such Mexican Gray Wolf who spent 5 days traversing the wall and never made it through.