Neuengamme: “Among the worst of the concentration camps in Germany”

Remembering the Holocaust and telling the truth about it!

“You may not have heard of Neuengamme, near Hamburg, in the north of Germany. Established in 1938, it was built by the prisoners themselves, and had close to 90 satellite camps, known as Aussenkommandos.

According to the death register, at least 42,900 prisoners died in the camp. It is only an estimate. All the records were burnt by the SS, and it was bit by bit, like a monstrous jigsaw puzzle, that the enormity of what had happened in Neuengamme started to emerge.”

Dr. Juliette Desalt presents a vivid and distressing, well researched record including camp records and first hand accounts from soldiers who first arrived. She tells us it is her intent to give those of us who never hear of it an idea of what happened there and why Neuengamme gained the reputation as being “among the worst of the concentration camps in Germany.”

Telling the story of what happened and making it real is so important today when so many who believe it “wasn’t so bad” and was more like “summer camp,” who want to “put it in the past” as if it didn’t happen, and want to whitewash history to exclude the unpleasant.

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