Supreme Court justices are the only judges in the country without a binding ethics code!


Ginni Thomas Texts Show Why the Supreme Court Needs a Code of Conduct

The Brennan Center for Justice presents an analysis of why SCOTUS should have a binding ethics code! Read the article supporting the SIL22568.

On April 6, Congres­sional Demo­crats intro­duced legis­la­tion in the House and Senate that would impose new ethics and recusal rules on the federal judi­ciary and the Supreme Court. The bill would, among other things, require the Supreme Court to adopt a code of conduct within 180 days of enact­ment or be subject to the exist­ing code that applies to other federal judges. It would also codify new recusal stand­ards and require requests for a justice’s recusal to be reviewed by the full Court, a change from the current prac­tice of justices making indi­vidual decisions on recusal.