Kevin McCarthy caught in a lie

Why it matters. Will the GOP face a new reckoning? And Fox News ignores the story. Here are 3 articles about the Kevin McCarthy tapes and what they might mean to his political future.

  • Why it matters that Kevin McCarthy lied” by Chris Cillizza at CNN
  • “Republicans face a new reckoning over what GOP House leader McCarthy said about Trump” on NPR Politics
  • From CNN Reliable Sources:
    Fox largely ignores McCarthy tapes “This Will Not Pass,” the forthcoming book by NYT’s Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, has skyrocketed to the No. 2 position on Amazon’s bestsellers. That’s because the duo’s reporting, which has started rolling out, has dominated headlines over the past 48 hours. 

    After Martin and Burns reported on Kevin McCarthy’s private comments on Trump, the House GOP leader denied it, only for audio to be released hours later proving the reporting to be true. And on Friday, Martin and Burns appeared on CNN and released even more audio of McCarthy — this time, revealing that he told House Republicans that Donald Trump admitted bearing some responsibility for the 1/6 insurrection. 

    But over on the right-wing talk channel Fox News, the story has received pretty much no attention. At 3:15pm, Mediaite’s Alex Griffing reported that Fox “had not mentioned the McCarthy tapes once” on Friday. By 6pm ET Friday, I had noticed a couple mentions. But it’s safe to say that the story has received far, far less attention from Fox than other news orgs…  

    >> It’s worth noting: While Fox is mostly ignoring the story, other facets of MAGA Media are not. Steve Bannon said Friday that it was a “cardinal sin” for McCarthy to have denied the reporting when there is a tape of it …