California’s Progressive Caucus challenges California Democratic Party for refusing to act against Delegates endorsing Republicans!

(taken from Progressive Caucus website)

CDP abandons courage and embraces hypocrisy by refusing to take action against Delegates that endorse Republicans.

In a truly shocking move by CDP Officers, the Party has decided to ignore its own values and Bylaws in order to protect California Democrats who are publicly supporting Republicans against their fellow Dems.

In response to the Progressive Caucus filing charges against several California Democrats who are supporting Republicans in races across the state, the Party has chosen to hide behind unwritten Bylaws in order to block a hearing and dismiss all Statements of Charges, protecting Democrats working with Republicans to defeat Democrats. 

Our accountability campaign against GOP-endorsing Democratic elected officials could have been resolved a lot of different ways, but fabricating new Bylaws in order to protect Republicans was definitely not on our list of possible outcomes. We would have preferred that Party leadership have conversations with the GOP-endorsers and suggest they rescind their endorsements but Party leadership clearly went a different direction.

The Party will say that this was the wrong forum and that their hands are tied but this belies all of the other avenues available to the Party to address this matter. By dismissing these charges while not pursuing any alternative course of action, the Party has chosen to approve, endorse, and even further encourage Democrats who are supporting white nationalist, fascist platforms. Teenage girls – children – are currently being tracked down and arrested for seeking reproductive healthcare. Democracy is under threat by white nationalists and religious fascists. These are the core policy ideals that Republican candidates stand for – and the Party is pretending it has no voice or platform to advocate from.

Therefore, we immediately call upon Party leadership to denounce each Democratic endorsement of a Republican in the November 2022 election.  The Democrats on the ballot deserve to be supported by their State Party, not opposed by a GOP-Dem cabal. If the Party truly does disapprove of these actions, it is an easy ask. The choice is theirs. The power is theirs. The responsibility is theirs.

See the links below for the Party’s decision letter and the response letter from the Progressive Caucus:

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