The TRUMP Papers again prove THEY ALL KNEW!

In the words of Dan Rather – “THEY KNEW, THEY ALL KNEW: Cowardice, Cynicism, Contempt, Rationalizations”

Just this week, Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner published their take on the FBI raid and the paper trove as discovered. Read in full.
“Trump had no business anywhere near the presidency.”

As the criminal investigation unfolds in New York, as his cronies are being deposed, as the FBI warrant is revealed – Trumpers still “heralded his outrageousness in a chorus of sycophancy… feted his vileness…viciously attacked those who pointed out the obvious, that Trump was mentally, emotionally, intellectually, morally and constitutionally unfit for office.”

And to whom is Rather and Krischner referring: Republican politicians, senior and junior members of the administration, lawyers, media personalities, capitalists – all working to accrue wealth and power on the coattails of Trump’s West Wing, and all without a bit of decency.

“But make no mistake…

In their cowardice, they knew. 
In their cynicism, they knew.
In their contempt, they knew.
In their rationalizations, they knew. 
In their acquittals of his conduct, even for impeachment, they knew.

They knew when they could have stopped him — before he became president, and once he was president. 

But they didn’t stop him. And with their inaction, they encouraged him.”

“The truth is that they don’t dare say what we all know. They knew.”