Yes, Jim Desmond actually said that!

In 2018 at a Republican Central Committee meeting while Mayor of San Marcos and running for County Supervisor, Jim Desmond was recorded saying “and another thing is that there is no ‘press 2 for Spanish’ at the City of San Marcos. We don’t allow it. English is the language of government of the City of San Marcos. We’re really proud of what we are doing…”

At about 40 seconds into this YouTube Video received from an environmental activist in the area, Jim Desmond is heard making totally racist remarks about a city with a high Latino/a population. PLEASE listen for yourself.

Jim Desmond should not be reelected as County Supervisor for the 5th District which is 41% Latino/a!!! It’s so racist. It’s unbelievable.  

Here is the link:

If you are appalled by this as we are, please share with friends and neighbors!