Recap of San Marcos Active Transportation Plan’s First Workshop

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On November 15, 2022, the San Marco Active Transportation Plan project team held their first of many community workshops. In this workshop, community members had the opportunity to learn more about the plan development process, as well as the purpose and benefit to the San Marcos community.

What is an Active Transportation Plan?

An Active Transportation Plan is a document that provides a comprehensive set of projects, programs, and policies to improve walking and biking conditions. The recommendations are developed based upon input from community members and key stakeholders to address existing deficiencies in the pedestrian and bicycle network. ATPs aim to enhance accessibility, safety, and connectivity across neighborhoods.

Summary of workshop feedback

The project team thanks the parents, students, cyclists, walkers and City staff members who attended the workshop. It was well attended and community members shared feedback on specific ares of the City they would like to see improvements to walking or biking conditions. This feedback provided the project team with a better understanding of community needs and priorities to make recommendations for improvements included in the draft plan.

Here is a snippet of a few poll results from the workshop attendees that outline key areas of focus for the plan:

What types of key destinations would you be interested in biking to most?

  • 42% School (kids to school)
  • 17% Grocery store and park
  • 8% Work, fitness location and transit

What barriers currently prevent you from walking/biking to key destinations?

  • 33% Bike (traditional) 
  • 25% Walking and bike (e-bike)
  • 17% Transit (city bus) 

Next steps 
More community members are encouraged to get involved by attending the next community outreach event. 

  • Early 2023: Second community outreach event to be attended to provide project progress and promote the second public workshop 
  • Spring 2023: Second public workshop to be held to share draft plan and invite community feedback
  • Summer 2023:  Final plan to be developed 

We hope to see you there next year to help improve the safety of our neighbors and City.