In Case You Missed It! In The News Last Week

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Brag is suing House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan for the “transparent campaign to intimidate and attach” the DA’s case against Trump. Read here.

Justice Clarence Thomas in the spotlight for violating disclosure rules. Thomas claims he asked others on the Court and in judiciary who assured him he didn’t have to disclose. “It’s not clear which is worse: if this is true, or if it isn’t.” quoting The Briefing by Brennan Center for Justice

Read these articles:
The Brennan Center: “... Justices Can’t Police Themselves
The Briefing: SCOTUS keeps tripping over its own robes
Washington Post: Complaints about Justice Thomas’s disclosures sent to judiciary committee

Last wee, Wisconsin voters elected liberal Janet Protasiewicz to the state supreme court, ending the 15-year conservative bench majority. At the same time, Republicans won a seat on the state legislature creating a supermajority. All this with a Democratic Governor. We’ll watch the checks and balances in this state.

Hawaii Supreme Court provided example of how state constitutions can enable court to take climate change seriously in In re Hawai’i Electric Light Co.

Tennessee GOP’s Disdain for Democracy from On the Docket:
The GOP party supermajority ousted 2 state Representatives for disrupting decorum when protesting in favor of gun safety legislation. Both were reinstated a few days later.
Tennessee has denied voting rights and continues to redistrict to dismantle Nashville’s Democratic-held seat.

Fox News settled the Dominion Voting System defamation lawsuit.

Trumps legal issues pile up and more and more lawyers are hired. While he continues to deny allegations and even pled not guilty, the trials, depositions, hearing are continuing at a rapid rate.
Till he be able to continue the delay, deny, distract strategy of his past?