In Case You Missed It! In The News April 15-30

Attorney General Bonta Announced Statewide Guidance on School Closures to Ensure Equitable Access in Education and Prevent Systemic Discrimination in Schools Read here.

Judge blocks Clean Water Act protections in 24 states.

From Earthjustice:
The future of clean water in the U.S. is at stake.
A federal district court in North Dakota just blocked the EPA’s science-based rule revising the definition of “Waters of the United States.” The ruling could strip protections from thousands of wetlands, streams, and interstate waters in 24 states. Last month, a judge ruled the same way in a case impacting Texas and Idaho, leaving 26 states without adequate clean water protection.

CNN Reliable Sources’ writer Oliver Darcy’s take on the Dominion v. Fox settlement.

The Price of Lies
The Big Lie came at a big price.

The astonishing last-second $787.5 million settlement between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems, which came after the jury had been seated and on the brink of opening statements Tuesday, served as stark reminder that lies have consequences.”
Read here.

Did you hear about Assemblymember Maienschein’s work to strengthen California’s consumer protection laws?

Although California’s robust consumer protection laws are some of the strongest in the natio, predatory businesses still find ways to take advantage of consumers and make profits off their illegal conduct.
Maienschein has partnered with the Attorney General to introduce AB 1366 which would ensure that consumers taken advantage of by predatory businesses can and will receive compensation for the wrongdoings they endured. Learn more about AB 1366 by watching the press conference HERE. You can also read the bill HERE.

Brennan Center’s Analysis by Martha Kinsella
Congress Should Stay Out of The Trump Prosecution

Days after the Manhattan Grand Jury indicted former President Trump, congressional Republican’s response was to cross a line from oversight to political interference, thereby threatening to undermine the rule of law. Even before the announcement of the indictment, Republican congressional committee chairs threatened to subpoena confidential records from the investigation and withhold federal funding in retaliation for any indictment. Read.

Mental Health Care for the incarcerated reentering society.

The Reentry Act (H.R. 2400 / S. 1165) bipartisan legislation would provide Medicaid coverage for health care, including substance use and mental health treatment, for people who are incarcerated starting 30 days before their release. That means people would better be able to connect to and access community mental health services.

Brennan Center’s What Matters by Zachary Wolf
States are moving in polar opposite directions on guns

With almost all gun legislation a nonstarter on a divided Capitol Hill, states are charting wildly divergent paths. Some states are doing everything they can to restrict access to certain weapons. Others are doing everything they can to make guns as accessible as possible without much government oversight. Read Opposite Directions.

Brennan Center’s What Matters by Zachary Wolf
Dismantling the Supreme Court’s ‘misdirection’ on its own ethics

Supreme misdirection:
A series of findings about Supreme Court justices failing to fully disclose gifts and real estate deals led to a rare moment of unity. Conservative and liberal justices joined together to say in a statement that they’re quite happy with the current system by which they voluntarily follow ethics guidelines. No changes needed. Independence and security, they argue, make the Supreme Court a special case. Far from satisfying anyone growing concerned about ethics at the court, the statement made it seem as though the justices feel the rules are optional for them.

The Danger of “Horse Race” Politics
by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner

When you cover politics like a horse race, it becomes logical for Donald Trump to be the frontrunner for a third Republican presidential nomination.
A horse race confers an equivalence upon all candidates. The only detail that matters is who is going to win — not all that might be lost. To view America through that lens today is an exercise in the absurd, a practice stuck in the insular logic of the past.