A Fourth Indictment! Will any indictment and conviction truly affect how people see the Trump conspiracy or how they vote?

Click to download the full Georgia Indictment

Georgia Indictments Put Spotlight On Need for Election Systems Protections – machines and officials targeted!
Brennan Center for Justice, Derek Tisler and Lawrence Norden [read]

Multiple Unauthorized Breaches of Coffee County, GA Election System!
Brennan Center for Justice, Michael Waldman and Lawrence Norden [read]

What Happens Next? What Is the Maximum Sentence? Will He Pose For Mug Shot?
Washington Post, Amber Phillips [read]

Trump Arrested In DC. Plus, Bill Barr, On A Mission To Stop Trump
CNN, What Maters, Zachary B. Wolf [read]

Criminal Enterprise
The New York Times, German Lopez and Ian Prasad Philbrick [read]

Grand Jury Sealed Indictment
The New York Times, Richard Faust and Danny Hakim [read]