From Democratic Docket: “The Omnibus Voter Suppression Bills We Saw This Session”

By Devon Hesano, August 15, 2023

“For those familiar with the term omnibus bill, the 12 major appropriations bills that often collectively pass the United States Congress each year as one big bill probably come to mind. But that’s clearly not the thinking of multiple Republican-led states, which instead have coopted the process to pass major voter suppression bills this session. Florida and Ohio have already passed these dangerous packages, and North Carolina could be next. As expected, lawsuits were quickly filed in Florida and Ohio, where litigation is ongoing.”

  • Ohio passed the first voter suppression law of 2023.
  • Florida passed an elections bill so extreme that it now faces three separate lawsuits.
  • North Carolina is considering an omnibus bill seemingly inspired by former Trump lawyer, Cleta Mitchell.

READ about each state’s attempts to keep citizens from exercising their right to vote!