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Control of the Senate is up for grabs on January 5th, with both of the Senate seats in Georgia having runoff elections involving Democratic cancidates Ralp Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Winning both of these races is key to regaining control of the US Senate.

Seriously, please save us from another 4 years of Republican Senate control.

Sign up for more than one because they are BUSY, & may not get back to you at all (that happens in campaigns).  Do not wait, get started where you can NOW.  Remember, you can always opt out of an opportunity or switch to another later.  But, waiting for just one volunteer opportunity to get back to you wastes your valuable volunteer time.  Try new things, get your feet wet…

1.  To donate directly to Raphael Warnock’s campaign:

2.  To make calls for Warnock directly with his campaign:,  or make calls for Warnock with Vote Save          America:

3.  To donate directly to Jon Ossoff’s campaign:

4.  Make calls for Ossoff with Vote Save America:

5.  Three way split:  To donate to Stacey Abrams grassroots organization in Georgia (donations will be split between Warnock, Ossoff, & Stacey’s group Fair Fight):

6.  Text into Georgia using Resistance Labs (the Georgia campaign is not quite ready yet but will be soon so sign up now):

7.  San Marcos Dem Club Board Member Kathy Steel will have a local post carding campaign for Georgia going very soon (waiting for delivery of the postcards).  Contact Kathy directly to get ready & be notified when the cards come in.

Let’s take the Senate!!!